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  • 1 Frozen fish
    We import different classes of fish such as Horse Mackerel. Atlantic Mackerel.Tuna; sardine etc
  • 2 Chicken
    We import different types of chicken laps. chicken wings; chicken whole body; and other frozen birds such as turkey etc
  • 3 Fresh fruits
    We import different types of fresh fruits such as Apple; grapes; guava. Banana etc
  • 4 Vegetable Oils
    We import different vegetable oils such as groundnut oil; olive oil etc
  • 5 Garlic and Onions
    We import fresh Garlic and Onions; ginger; fresh pepper etc




STE Good Luck Sarl deals with the importation and distribution of diverse consumable food items such as frozen food(chicken,fish,meat);Fresh fruits(Apple, banana, grapes;Vegetable oils; Rice and pasta;Canned food (canned milk , canned bean, canned sardine,canned meat; wheat flour;Onions and garlic;ginger; Tomato paste; Wines etc for the the past 8 years of establishment(2012).We are the leading agro based import company in West African regions and our head office is located in the commercial market center of Cotonou in Benin Republic. We are known by an astute, hardworking, focused and seasoned executives. We import different food products from all continents and distribute to our customers within West African markets environments. We had a humble beginning and have grown tremendously due to dedication to excellence and services.

STE Good Luck Sarl is a respected company when it comes to products importation and distribution in West Africa. We sell to top companies, Local distributors, wholesalers, retailers and to final consumers in bulk. We are proud to say that we enjoy about 60% shares of the importations within West African regional market and we import high volumes of quality products throughout the year.

We offer the best, tasty and top quality Product brands that is the main reason why our customers trust us. our credentials speak for itself. Our value-led offerings make us the 'preferred'importer and vendor. We ensure that we meet and surpass the expectations of our exporters and suppliers abroad.

We have been serving our dear customers over the years by providing unmatched customer service delivery. Effective service is at the heart of our business and we go the extra mile to provide an individualized service which has constantly resulted in repeat businesses. We are dedicated to Quality as this is part of our company's mission.

Our valued customers "believe" in us and in our ability to deliver unequaled products and services.

We have a mission and it is to be a leading importer established to constantly and actively provide quality products to our customers, in a "timely manner''. We are focused on our strategic direction to remain relevant and lead in our industry.

Our company values are Quality, Trust, Service, Innovation, Reliability and Value for money spent.

We strongly believe in Corporate social responsibility and sustainability, we adhere to rules and regulations about product usage and safety.


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